Cosmetic Procedures For Aging Skin

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Cosmetic Procedures For Aging Skin

It's wonderful that you're looking for ways to take care of yourself before you start to develop problems! Understand that taking certain preventative measures and taking good care of your health will serve you well, but there is still no magical solution and there never will be. The effects of aging are inevitable, but with some good care you can help to prolong your youthful skin. Treatments like BOTOX, facelift, chemical peel, and Fotofacial can help keep your skin young, but they are not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. Taking good care of your skin is something you should always do before, during, and after your cosmetic treatment. Here are some tips to help you, although most of them are common sense things we should all be doing anyway.

Protect Yourself With Sunscreen

Minimizing sun exposure is the single most important and effective measure you can take to prevent your skin from looking aged. In face, about 90% of the changes we see that we associate with aging skin are caused from photodamage. Preventing photodamaged skin is not just about looking younger, either; it is about improving your health and preventing dangerous conditions like skin cancer.

While it can be glamorous to visit the tanning salon in a convertible, understand that both the sun and tanning salons expose you to harmful ultraviolet (UV) light, which causes the bulk of photodamage for most people with aging skin. It can take some years for the effects to add up to visible damage, which is why it's just as important to wear sunscreen when your skin still has the glow of youth as it is later in life.

Wearing sunscreen isn't going to reverse sun damage on face overnight or replace a cosmetic facial treatment if you are to the point where you need treatment, but it will prevent a lot of problems down the line and make your treatment last longer. Whether you are absolutely satisfied with beautiful skin, you need too see a cosmetic surgeon to treat aging skin, or you have recently had treatment, you should be wearing sunscreen to protect your skin from aging faster and developing serious health problems.

Drink Water?

Hydrated skin looks healthier and younger. However, there is absolutely no evidence that drinking eight glasses of water a day actually hydrates the skin in a meaningful way. Some say that drinking lots of water keeps nutrients moving through your body and toxins moving out. But really this is more popular nonsense than actual science-so don't drive yourself nuts polluting the earth with empty plastic bottles that once held fancy water from France. Often the best daily approach is to use a good facial moisturizer to help hydrate the outer layers of the skin. These products don't need to cost hundreds of dollars to make a difference. The fancy products that get touted on the talk shows are often no better than the $30 moisturizer from the drug store so don't spend $300 for a moisturizer from the department store; that just is not worth it!

Eat Healthy

This should be a no-brainer, but the way we eat shows up in our skin. However for the most part we get all the vitamins we need from our over able diets. So unless you are living on cigarettes and potato chips, taking tons of vitamin supplements will not help you in the same way that a truly healthy lifestyle will. Your skin especially needs essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6. You can find this in foods like walnuts, fish, and flax seed oil. However, there is no need to do this in excess and your current diet probably contains all of the essential oils your skin needs.

Whenever possible, opt for whole wheat grains over "white" breads. Eat fruits and vegetables, nonsaturated fats, and low-fat dairy products. Balance is key. Use common since and the advice of your doctor or dietitian. Your whole body will feel better.

Improving the way you eat is not going to give you a facelift if you need one; it will, however, help you feel good and protect your skin from rapid aging.

Quit Smoking

Our skin contains natural enzymes that constantly repair our skin. Although they can't stop our skin from aging, they keep it healthier for much longer by fixing damaged skin every day. Cigarettes contains dangerous free radicals and toxins that destroy these enzymes that work to repair our skin, and smoke products also destroy elastin and collagen, which keeps our skin young and healthy. If you are a smoker, remember that every time you smoke you are speeding up the aging process in your skin.

Please stop smoking. Your health will benefit in countless ways, and the state of your skin will stabilize and stop aging at such a rapid rate. We're not saying that it will be easy, but there are a lot of great resources out there to help you quit. Be sure to set a date for when you'll be smoke-free. This will help make your goal a reality.

Control Your Acne

 Some people are naturally more proned to acne than others. While there is some debate about what exactly causes acne, we all know that it doesn't look good and can leave behind permanent scars. 

Consult a dermatologist to help get your acne under control. This will help to keep your skin young and prevent acne pits and scars from developing. Your dermatologist will be able to help you assess the best treatment plan. A  cosmetic surgeon may be able to help you with a chemical peel to treat acne if you are a good candidate for this safe procedure.

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