Top 5 Reasons To Train With A Single Dumbbell

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1)- Reduce Imbalances Between Sides To Boost Symmetry And Reduce Injuries

Everyone has a strong arm and a strong leg, which means everybody's got a weak arm and a weak leg, too! As the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. For example, when you see most people fail at a barbell bench press, typically one arm rises slower than the other when pressing the load off of the chest (this happens with the push-up, too).
This causes the barbell to tilt to the weak side, thus terminating the lift and putting the trainee at great risk of injury unless using a skilled spotter. By adding single-arm dumbbell presses, you can fix this strength imbalance and ultimately boost your double-arm pressing (or push-up) totals.
I also recommend you use a 2:1 or 3:1 weak side to strong side work set ratio to accelerate the time it will take to gain equal strength in both sides.

2)- Reduce Imbalances Between Sides To Boost Symmetry And Reduce Injuries

Holding one dumbbell on one side at a time allows you to train that side with more focus and intensity. Test it for yourself: Grab a pair of 25-pound dumbbells and do as many double-arm presses or curls as you can. Then rest for five minutes and perform as many single-arm presses or curls as you can on your weak arm (or left arm).
More often than not you'll perform more total reps one arm at a time than with the simultaneous bilateral alternative. This provides a new stimulus that will add slabs of muscle to your arms, chest, back, and shoulders.

3)- Instantly Make Your Exercises More Core-Intensive

Any time you load one side of your body at a time, the muscles on the opposing side need to activate to help keep your body balanced and stable. This is called asymmetrical loading, and it's one of the most effective and efficient ways to amplify your ab work every time you train without actually needing to add any additional isolated core work (unless you want to).
For example, performing single-arm biceps curls and overhead presses targets your arms and shoulders and it enlists all the sexy muscles around your torso to stabilize your spine.

4)- Get More Complete Hip And Thigh Development

Just like with the previous example of increased core activation, asymmetrical loading with lower body exercises like squats, deadlifts, and lunges forces the muscles on the inside and outside of your hips and thighs to work harder than normal. Let's take a look at the alternating lunge, for example.
When performing alternating lunges while holding a pair of equally weighted dumbbells in both hands, you will primarily target the muscles on the front and backside of your hips and thighs (quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes).
Hold only a single dumbbell in one hand at a time when lunging, and this immediately calls more of your ankle, knee, and hip stabilizers that surround your joints into action.
Specifically, your hip abductor and adductor muscle groups—the ones that pull your legs outward and inward, respectively—get taxed a lot more.
This will build you wheels of steel and bulletproof your ankles, knees, and hips.

5)-Access Workouts With A Small Footprint That You Can Easily Do At Home Or In The Gym

All you need is one dumbbell for one hell of a workout. It's super simple and easy to train with a single dumbbell at home or in the gym, indoors or outdoors. Plus, when you want to go heavier, all you need to do is buy one additional dumbbell instead of an additional pair, which doubles the cost to purchase and increases your overall storage space needs.
If you train at a gym, you also don't have to feel as bad about hoarding one dumbbell instead of two. You just can't find more user-friendly, cost-effective, and time and space-efficient workouts than with single dumbbell routines (besides bodyweight exercises, of course).

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